From Installation to Inspection: A Scaffolding Safety Guide

From Installation to Inspection: A Scaffolding Safety Guide

17 May, 2024

No matter what kind of project you're working on, staying safe should be your number one priority. For projects that require scaffolding supplies, staying safe may seem tricky, but our guide is here to help you understand how to maintain safety on your site. To learn more about scaffolding safety, keep on reading!   

The Importance Of Scaffolding Safety

Scaffolding safety is vital for a number of reasons. Workplace safety is a requirement, and preventing workplace incidents from occurring is a legal requirement. Employers have a legal safety obligation to employees and anyone working on a site. 

But, laws and regulations aren’t the only reason why scaffolding safety is so important. Workplace injuries can be detrimental, to both employees and businesses. By encouraging better safety precautions, businesses can ensure better employee safety, reducing the risk or injuries. 

How Can I Keep My Scaffolding As Safe As Possible? 

Now we’ve covered the importance of scaffolding safety, it’s time to dive into how you can make your scaffolding set-up as safe as possible. It’s crucial that scaffolding is only used and inspected by trained professionals. Read below to learn more. 

Pre-Installation Checks

Before you start to use your scaffolding, some pre-installation checks need to be carried out. These checks make sure that the site is safe before any scaffolding is put up. You want to look out for things like the condition of your site, the ground underneath the scaffolding, weather considerations and your equipment quality. 

Inspecting Your Scaffolding 

Meticulous inspections should be carried out when you are putting up scaffolding. Initial inspections and weekly inspections should be carried out, to make sure any damages or repairs can be identified and made. By assessing the condition of the scaffolding throughout the project, employees are much safer and the risk of a workplace injury is minimised. 

Regular Maintenance 

If you’ve purchased your scaffolding, regular maintenance is absolutely essential to keep your equipment safe. Not maintaining your scaffolding can lead to weathering damage or general wear and tear over time. 

By regularly cleaning and checking your scaffolding, you can keep an eye on any damage, and make any repairs before you go to use the scaffolding again. This keeps it safe to use all year round! 

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