5 Ways to Upcycle Reclaimed Scaffold Boards

5 Ways to Upcycle Reclaimed Scaffold Boards

27 June, 2024

Scaffolding boards are becoming increasingly popular as they are used for upcycling projects. Many people enjoy the weathered look of reclaimed scaffolding boards and because they are solid wood, you can guarantee their longevity. If you are looking for scaffolding boards for sale to turn into exciting new home renovation projects, take a look at our guide to upcycling scaffolding boards.

Scaffold board shelves

The first way we suggest using reclaimed scaffold boards is to create rustic wooden shelves. Scaffold board shelves are a great way to create displays in your home, whether you choose to put them in the kitchen garden or even the garage. At 220mm wide, they are the perfect size to create substantial shelving for displaying books, plants, cooking equipment or your favourite trinkets.

Garden planters made from scaffold boards

Scaffold boards offer the perfect size of wooden planks to create beautiful garden planters. Whether you want to create a veggie patch or display an array of exotic flowers, scaffold planks are a great choice. The contrast between old reclaimed scaffold boards and new plants is a great combination.

Scaffold board furniture

If you want to try your hand at some DIY furniture, scaffold boards are the ideal material to use. You can use reclaimed scaffold boards to create eye-catching furniture such as a coffee table, bookshelf or outdoor sofa. It will certainly be a conversation piece.

Scaffold board worktops

Whether you are renovating your kitchen, garage or shed, scaffold boards are a great use for worktops. You can’t beat the warmth and character found in reclaimed scaffold boards. All you need to do is thoroughly sand the scaffold boards and oil them with a good oil and the results will be unmatched!

Cladding or decking

Finally, if you want to add some wood to your garden by creating a decking or cladding, why not use scaffold boards? If you can find quality scaffold boards for sale then it is a great way to reuse them and you can use any kind of wood finish to create the colour or tone you think will best suit your garden. It will create a beautiful spot for summer garden parties and will look great all year round.

Are you looking for scaffolding for sale? At TJR Scaffolding, we like to promote a circular economy by making sure all old scaffolding boards are given a new life. So if you’re ready to create your scaffold board shelves or scaffold board worktops, get in touch with our team today.

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