Commercial Scaffolding And Working Safely At Height

Commercial Scaffolding And Working Safely At Height

18 April, 2024

Working safely at height is of course an absolute essential, with plenty of potential hazards for those not investing in the correct equipment and resources. A reckless attitude to working at great heights can result in serious injuries, and in some instances - even fatal accidents. Alongside commercial scaffolding, safety netting and other precautions, TJR Scaffolding Ltd can guide you in the right direction, so within this blog post, let us take you through just some of the most important safety gear for 2024. 

Regular PPE

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) constitutes everything from hard hats, safety goggles and padded jackets to breathing apparatus and safety boots. This equipment is most commonly worn in the construction and manufacturing industries, with standard expectations that it should always be utilised on-site. This is applicable to working at height, with work boots able to provide extra grip on otherwise slippery surfaces, and hard hats able to prevent serious head injuries on occasion.

Reliable Scaffolding 

Reliable scaffolding hired for a project should be easily assembled and disassembled, while remaining durable and strong enough to hold weight and withstand force. At TJR Scaffolding Ltd, our design team can create anything from bridges, cantilevered loading towers and shoring systems to suit your needs. No matter how unusual or difficult the system may be we can provide a practical, cost-effective solution with safety our primary focus at all times.

Cables And Harnesses

When working at extreme heights, such as scaffolding on the side of multi-storey buildings or rooftops of industrial buildings and warehouses, cables and harnesses may be a necessary investment. Often attached directly to an individual via a set system, these appliances can be used to outright prevent an individual from falling to the ground should they take a tumble. You may want to consider equipping your team in harnesses if a job is particularly hazardous. 

Safety Netting

Safety nets are used in a wide variety of applications such as roofing or floor installation where there is a risk to personnel, but other forms of protection prove impractical. When workers or materials cannot be protected using conventional methods, safety netting is often the best solution, and our safety netting at TJR Scaffolding Ltd conforms to all European safety net standards for your peace of mind.

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