Safely Using Hired Scaffolding

Safely Using Hired Scaffolding

18 April, 2024

Hired scaffolding is a fantastic acquisition if you’re looking to ensure a safe and efficient process, but only require these professional measures on a temporary basis. Often preferred by those who only require scaffolding for a set time, and would perhaps not benefit from a long-term commitment, flexible terms mean that individuals and teams can really make the most of their time with this specialist site equipment. Read ahead and let TJR Scaffolding take you through some of the top ways to ensure safe use of scaffolding and scaffolding products.

The Initial Set Up

The initial set up of scaffolding is one of the most important steps, and getting this process wrong can lead to problems later down the line, as well as the immediate risk of the scaffold encountering issues. If you’re inexperienced at setting up and disassembling scaffolding, you should consult someone with adequate knowhow before getting to work, otherwise you risk it collapsing altogether or not functioning as intended. You may require additional parts or accessories in some instances.

Know Your Task

Knowing your task and what you require beforehand is a great first step, ensuring that you can equip yourself with the equipment and knowledge you need. A project working at a great height with considerable risk may require a safety harness for example, while a project in unique circumstances may well require you to step outside your comfort zone and work on different scaffolding than you have before. Assess the scaffolding hire conditions and act accordingly.

Equipment And PPE

At TJR Scaffolding Ltd, we place an emphasis on quality safety equipment and scaffolding supplies for your circumstances, so whether you're in need of gloves, glasses or hard hats, we can supply you with the exact quantity you require, precisely when you require it. These specialist options can prevent you from sustaining serious injury, and even prevent fatalities in some instances, making them the ideal accompaniment to any hired scaffolding acquisition.

Training And Knowhow

Training and knowhow are just as important as anything when you decide to tackle a scaffolding task, and having a good knowledge of safety precautions prior to choosing your scaffolding options and beginning the project can certainly prove helpful. With the right formal assistance you’ll be able to make informed decisions prior to hire or purchase. 

Looking to properly equip yourself for a domestic scaffolding or commercial project? At TJR Scaffolding, we’re here to meet all your scaffolding hire and purchasing needs! Rest assured that we can supply a broad array of equipment to suit any project, so whether you’re working on the windows of a multi-storey building, or simply require a temporary platform for a more conventional task - contact us!

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