Scaffolding A to Z: Your List of Basic Scaffolding Supplies

Scaffolding A to Z: Your List of Basic Scaffolding Supplies

19 February, 2024

Scaffolding has been around for over tens of thousands of years, with there being evidence to suggest it was even used in ancient Greece. Since then, scaffolding has evolved tenfold, with there being a large range of scaffolding equipment and accessories to choose from.

If you’re new to the world of scaffolding, then read on below as we discuss the essential pieces of scaffolding equipment that you can expect to use.

Essential Scaffolding Equipment

Acrow Props

Used as temporary support for structures, acrow props can be used in conjunction with scaffolding to provide additional support to the base of scaffold boards. Their design allows them to mechanically telescope approximately twice their original size, making them convenient pieces of equipment that can be adjusted to meet size requirements.


Scaffold beams are an essential scaffolding component. They are most commonly used to create suspended platforms or form a bridge in a scaffold structure.

Height Safety Equipment

When working from height, it’s important that the necessary safety measures are undertaken. This includes the use of height safety equipment, such as harnesses and fall arrest systems, which protect workers from both falling and injuring themselves.

Ladders & Ladder Accessories

For particularly tall scaffold structures, you may use ladders (ones made specifically for use with scaffolding) to provide easy access to upper levels of the structure. To make ladder access areas even safer in this setting, accessories such as an access gate or ladder hatch may also be used.


Just as height safety equipment is important, so, too, is personal protective equipment (PPE). This includes items such as safety helmets/hard hats, ear defenders, safety goggles or face masks - all of which may be required depending on the nature of the work being carried out.

Rubbish Chutes

If carrying out work in a building or structure from height, then a rubbish chute can be attached to the adjacent scaffold structure to allow for any waste to be disposed of - safely sending it down to the ground for easy removal.

Scaffold Boards

One of the most essential pieces of equipment required when erecting scaffolding, scaffold boards are used to create the platforms and walkways within a scaffold structure. These boards can be used at multiple levels depending on access requirements.

Scaffold Tubes

Just like scaffold boards, scaffold tubes are the other most important component of scaffolding. It’s these tubes that make up the frame of the scaffold structure itself.


Trestles are used to provide additional support to the base of a scaffold structure. They have a wide base and can also be used from small scale working platforms.

Quality Scaffolding Supplies in Cornwall

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