Building Essentials: A Guide To Types Of Scaffolding

Building Essentials: A Guide To Types Of Scaffolding

13 July, 2023

Scaffolding is an ingenious building resource which allows construction workers to complete complex projects at height. These portable frames facilitate access to different parts of a building or structure, where platforms and beams provide areas for specific hands-on tasks to be carried out.

Types of scaffolding are just as varied as the buildings they are used to construct, where various needs of the project must be considered when a scaffold is being built. Questions of scale, material and layout all make a difference to the durability and workability of a scaffolding frame, where these factors will be considered by a project manager before a scaffold is chosen. 

Read on for a quick guide to the different types of scaffolding available, and the kinds of projects that they are used for.

Access Scaffolding

This is a generic form of scaffolding used for a wide range of construction projects and maintenance work where hard to reach areas need to be accessed. Access scaffolding can be used for roof repairs or for the building of large internal staircases.

Suspended Scaffolding

This scaffolding type features a platform fixed by overhead supports, where the scaffold is suspended by strong wires or chains. It can be lifted and lowered to different heights, which can allow workers to reach parts of the building that may be inaccessible from the ground. This means a suspended scaffold is a useful tool for both window cleaning and painting.

Trestle Scaffolding

Trestle scaffolding, also known as a builders trestle, describes a platform or piece of decking which is supported at either end by a trestle frame. This frame is portable and adjustable, where it can be used for a range of mid level construction tasks. A trestle scaffold can also be used for light duty work such as painting and decorating.

Steel Scaffolding

This form of scaffolding consists of steel tubes and fittings, which can be more durable than other materials. As such, it is a popular option for ensuring worker safety on large builds, where sturdy scaffolds are needed to support heavy materials at a height.

Patented Scaffolding

An additional type of steel scaffold, the patented variation features adjustable couplings and frames, ideal for reaching awkward spots on a building site. This type of scaffolding is also easy to assemble and deconstruct, meaning it is useful for short term repair projects.

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