A Complete Guide To Acrow Props

A Complete Guide To Acrow Props

22 November, 2023

If you’ve ever stumbled across a building with scaffolding work ongoing, or you’ve previously worked with scaffolding yourself, the likelihood is that you’ve already come across acrow props - and these useful options can be repurposed in many contexts. A fantastic construction utility which somewhat revolutionised the way in which buildings are formed and extensions are built, within this detailed guide, we’ll separate fact from fiction, providing the need-to-know details and common applications. Allow TJR Scaffolding to take you through everything from the different types of acrows available, contexts in which props are an invaluable asset, and even the intricacies when it comes to design. There’s plenty to learn - so read ahead!

The Simple Facts

Also known as ‘jack posts’, ‘props’ or ‘acrows’ acrow props are a useful vertical support system - used to seamlessly support overhead loads. Typically used for shoring during building repairs – for example to support beams, doors and window frames while alterations are made, these adaptable additions are also a great solution for extensions upon existing building work. A simple but innovative type of construction equipment, offering temporary and adjustable vertical load bearing, most designs consist of two lengths of telescopic steel tubing, including one inner tube with a welded top-plate - and one outer-tube with a welded base-plate. A pin mechanism that locks these tubes in place when the desired length is reached, making them very versatile indeed.

A Helpful Design

Usefully designed, available in different lengths, and manufactured with different materials for different instances, removing a pin that locks the tubes in place allows easy adjustments to be made to the length - before replacing the pin to lock the tubes in place again. For enhanced accuracy and pinpoint precision, an external thread that wraps around the tubes is then used to make finer adjustments. Visually, these props usually look like a piece of scaffold tubing, with a flat plate on either end. Featuring a threaded collar, with a handle attached somewhere around the middle area, at TJR Scaffolding our acrow props come in five sizes – ranging from size 0 which extends from approximately 1050mm to 1800mm, to size 4, which extends impressively up to 4900mm. This variance means that for even the trickiest of sites, acrows can ease operations.

Variations And Types

Unsure of our selection and looking to browse with the knowledge we have what you need? Our entire online store is just a click away. With five primary sizes of acrow prop for sale, along with a number of suitable accessories, we stock everything you need to make your project run smoothly. We can also supply large quantities of all of our items upon request, ensuring there’s an easy option for those who prefer to buy in bulk. Alongside our main offering of sized acrow props, adjustable and fixed U-Heads may be preferable, and pair up excellently with any sized prop. Used in conjunction with acrow props to support timber or steel beams, adjustable heads slot in and can be screwed into place repeatedly to cater for different projects - whereas fixed heads come in one set dimension, and remain sturdy. 

Selected Situations

There are plenty of situations in which acrows are the very best choice for you, favourable over other alternatives for their solid nature, ease of use by even the most inexperienced construction workers, and selectable sizing. Though by no means a comprehensive overview, below are some of the instances in which we see our customers benefiting most:

  • Contractors tasked with creating a hole in a wall (to create an archway, window or doorway for example) and requiring a number of stable props to support the ceiling during the process. 
  • Individuals looking to remove a wall within a property built upon concrete flooring.
  • Anyone searching for appropriate temporary support for repairs, lintels, beams and canopies, as well as capable installation of wall ties, new windows and doors.
  • Those who require falsework support to assist reinforced concrete and beams.

Safety And Maintenance

Continued safety is a priority, and once installed, props need to be checked regularly throughout use - to ensure they have not become loose and vulnerable to decline. Continue to be aware of the safe working load for the relevant size prop you have chosen. This load should not be exceeded under any circumstances, and even if you’re working with the same set of circumstances, ensure the set-up is inspected thoroughly by a competent professional at least once weekly, and ideally before every working day. Arguably just as important, additional safety PPE such as hard hats and safety gloves should be used when working with acrow props (available via our online store), and if applicable, we are happy to offer guidance on using different sized acrows - stressing the importance of adequate training and knowledge before ever working with such utilities within a construction setting. 

Our Assorted Options

Not only limited to acrow props for scaffolding, ceiling support and other site requirements, at TJR Scaffolding we reliably support the industry with everything from safety PPE, ladders, trestles and accessories. Without going into a great amount of detail, here are just a few product categories to browse on our site, with visible quality throughout:

Height Safety Essentials 

Prominent examples of height safety PPE include harnesses, ropes, lanyards, shock absorbers, pole straps and rescue equipment, with some of these simply absolute essentials when outfitting a team on-site. A legal obligation for senior stakeholders is to provide relevant protective clothing and supplies to those working at height, and whether brand new boots fitted with outstanding grip, or a fall harness which will deftly protect anyone who takes an accidental tumble, assess the dangers, and support staff as necessary. 

High-Quality Trestles

Known otherwise as bandstands, when it comes to trestles, you certainly shouldn’t hesitate to invest in quality. Like much of the equipment you can perhaps get for cheaper elsewhere, there’s a reason for this - lower quality.  Typically wide enough to take four standard scaffold boards or lightweight stagings, to create a safe working platform for builders and decorators, we supply trestles in various sizes. Adjustable and fixed from tubular steel, accessories such as stabilisers, ladder brackets and safety posts may be worth a look too. 

Galvanised Tube Scaffold Poles 

Affordable when bought in bulk, made of steel or aluminium, and galvanised to prevent rust or decline, scaffold tubes are often made of lengths of steel tubing. A simple system of metal tubes fixed together with clamps, due to being cost-effective, strong and secure, scaffolding tubes are ideal for creating support structures in construction work. These are a must within a huge number of construction jobs, and you can acquire from us by either giving us a call, or arranging delivery online. 

TJR Scaffolding: Steel Acrow Props And Heavy-Duty Acrows

At TJR Scaffolding, we are a friendly, professional and proudly independent scaffolding contractor located in Camelford, North Cornwall. Happy to utilise our extensive experience and highly trained workforce for all types of scaffolding, we always ensure that the most effective solution is achieved for each individual project, taking the time to assess the situation, and provide bespoke, well-thought solutions whenever possible. Considerate and modern in everything we do, we provide a variety of scaffolding services for both large and small projects - including safety nets, temporary roofs, containment scaffolds and much more. 

Through the entire process you can expect a reliable, professional and catered service. We can help with every step of your scaffolding needs, from free initial quotation through to design, erection, alteration and dismantling. Whether you are a commercial developer requiring local industry specialists or you’re simply building a home extension in need of that helping hand - contact us today and we’ll look to propose a suitable solution. 

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